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You said yes! Now what? Planning your own wedding can be a time consuming and stressful en devour. If you have already selected the date the next step would be to search for the perfect venue that suits your vision and budget. This is when a whole lot of questions will start popping up. Such as; does the venue have preferred vendors or can I choose my own? Does the fee include tables, chairs, linens etc or do I need to outsource everything? Are there any other weddings taking place same day my wedding? As you can see the list starts piling up. This is where someone with my expertise can guide you in asking the vendors the correct questions and easing your stress. But what exactly does a wedding planner do? Below I have listed the a few of the typical services offered in our packages.

First and most important you should schedule a face to face meeting with you potential wedding planner. This meeting is complimentary and is informal. It is a chance for both parties to get to know one another and go over your vision and budget and establish that the planner is willing to accommodate both.

Timeline and checklist:

This is where the planner will develop a monthly checklist of everything that is to be completed on a monthly basis. The planner's expertise is invaluable as he/she knows how far in advance the gown needs to be ordered, save the dates and invitations need to be sent out and so on. A detailed timeline will also be created for the day of your wedding that will be given to all vendors, and bridal party.

Creating a budget/budget management:

The planner's involvement in your wedding budget is dependent on how involved you would like them to be. The planner can provide you with template for you to complete or the planner can create a comprehensive budget outline based on your needs and priorities and provide with monthly budget updates.

Event design:

This is a special service that is offered when the planner is also a designer. We will work with you to establish your vision and theme. This includes vision boards, colour palette selection, unique decor rentals items, and so on to personalize your event.

Vendor Coordination:

If you are seeking minimal support with the Month Of Coordination package the planner will assist on ensuring all contracts are received and confirmed for your event. However, if you seek full service planning you planner can provide vendor referrals. Knowing and having worked with many vendors the planner will match you with the perfect vendor that suits your vision and budget. He/she can be the main point of contact, negotiate/review contracts, menu coordination, logistic management and so much more.

Day of coordination:

A lot of preparation goes into ensuring a smooth flowing wedding day. A professional will manage everything behind the scenes while you enjoy creating memories with you family, friends and new spouse! Your planner will set up items, handle mishaps, and be the main point of contact for all vendors, wedding party and guests.

We hope this helped in giving you an inside look into a few of the services we offer in our packages. For further questions please contact us. We look forward to speaking to you!

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