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Choosing your wedding theme will involve considering your personal style , taste and the mood you want to set for your special day. Check out what we have to say below on how you can hone in on your wedding theme that reflects you and your partner's unique individualized personalities.

Work with what you have

Your theme will have to suit and work with your venue aesthetic. If you are having a destination wedding on the beach than you may want your theme to suit the beach vibe such as blues or pastel colours with white as your base colour. Perhaps your getting married at a traditional banquet hall you will have to take into consideration the wall colour in the venue or in house chairs they have and carpet on the floor etc. However, if your budget allows you can always opt to drape all the walls and add uplights to add the colour of your choice to match you theme. In that case you can pretty much go with any theme you like.

Setting the mood

Are you and your partner laid back? Than maybe a rustic bohemian vibe would work to suit your style. If are more of the glam type than a contemporary trendy look would work or an art deco style look. With everyone heading over to Pinterest for wedding inspiration pictures I like to encourage couples to go outside of the wedding world for inspiration. Some of my favorites would include Paris and New York fashion week runway and clothing design and trends, interior design trends, favorite hotel lobbies or restaurants, places you have traveled too, or specific scenes and spaces in movies or TV shows. If you are on a budget going with whats in trend at the current moment can be more expensive. When on a budget I would suggest choosing a theme you love and picking and choosing a few trendy elements mixed with traditional elements.

The perfect pallet

Now that you have chosen your theme you must choose a colour palette. As mentioned above considering you venue aesthetic will come into play when choosing your wedding colours. If you find a venue you love but it will not match your favorite colours than you may have to change one of two of your hues so you don't break the bank trying to cover up or distract from the fact that it doesn't match. Think about the season, if it is summer use bright purples or pinks; for fall use dark reds. However, you do not have to go with seasonal colours but ensure you have a strong accent colour. Setting the mood is important so if you are going for lots of drama think than dark or jewel tone pallet would be your best bet. When choosing complimentary colours check out interior design sites for different colour pallet variations or colour wheels where the opposite colours are complimentary.

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